Transforming Grace

The average life expectancy for people who sleep on the street long term is just 47 years.

On any one night in London as many as 300 people sleep rough.

Walk a couple of minutes south of Waterloo train station and you will find Webber Street, London City Mission’s day centre for the homeless.

We seek to meet the physical needs of London’s homeless with cooked breakfasts, tea and coffee, hot showers and clothing. These are everyday things that most of us take for granted, but these simple acts of grace are transformational for our guests, restoring some of the dignity that life on the streets has taken from them.

Homelessness has many causes; therefore Webber Street is about much more than food and new clothes. We care about the whole person. We establish caring and trusting relationships with each of our guests by offering friendship, advice and support.

Escaping from life on the streets is a huge challenge. The goal of Webber Street is to restore hope by helping our guests on a journey of transformation to a better future.