Webber Street

We are London City Mission and local churches offering life-giving care for people living on the streets.

Every week from Monday to Wednesday, and Saturday we offer

  • cooked breakfast and a hot drink
  • access to showers, clean clothes and toiletries
  • referrals, help with filling in forms and accessing help

We open the doors at 8.30am to serve tea and coffee before breakfast. We close the doors whilst we are doing the first breakfast service at 9.15am, and open them again at 10am.

We also run a regular art club, Bible reading club, job club, as well as visits from the nurse and podiatrist.

Life on the streets in London can be brutal and unforgiving. Webber Street is a supportive place of calm and refuge.

If you are need, we are here to help. Visit us Monday to Wednesday and Saturday mornings.